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Classical Christian Education 201

INTRODUCTION | Aims, Content, and Method

This page is the home base of my ongoing work to better understand classical Christian education as well as my effort to help others who are trying to do the same. I have titled the page CCE 201 because most of us already have some concept of Classical Christian Education that we have already developed in the earliest years of our teaching or some version that has been offered to us in our on-boarding to our current school. 

When I have a session composed and refined through collaboration and feedback from others, I will post it under one of three headings: aims, content, or method. Each session includes an essay, discussion questions, and bibliography. In the future I hope to add videos as well. If you plan on reading (or viewing) and discussing a module with colleagues you should be able to do so in approximately 50 minutes. While you may start with any one of the three categories, note that the modules are designed to be be read in the order they are listed within each category.

Click on a session title below to begin your journey.

AIMS | Why are we teaching?

101 [Under Construction]

CONTENT | What are we teaching?

201 The Beauty and Persuasive Power of Language

METHOD | How are we teaching?

301 A Call to Revive the Pedagogy of Our Tradition

302 Incarnation, Love, Wonder, and the Imagination

303 Storytelling and Memorable Metaphors

304 Teaching Like Socrates Through Essential Questions and Problem Solving

305 Movement and Formative Liturgies

I presented sessions (301 - 305 and 201) at the 2019 SCL Pre-Conference in Austin, Texas. Click here to download a PDF of my Keynote slides and presenter notes.

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